Karamoja Cultural Event

Karamojong pastoralists walk with their cattle back to the Kraal at sunset, in Uganda Karamoja.

Uganda, Karamoja.

Women in a village of the Himba tribe in Nambia.

The Himba in Namibia for "WERTE" Magazine.

A rainbow over dry Namibian landscape.

A publication for the German magazine "Geo Saison."

A woman and her child run across the Victoria falls bridge in Zambia.

At the Victoria Falls in Zambia. 

Recipe from Madagascar from "Eating with Africa" for the German magazine "BRIGITTE Woman."

A Cape Town cover story for the German "MERIAN" Magazine. 

A reportage on garbage in Ghana for Der Spiegel Magazine.

A reportage on garbage in Ghana, for the German "Der Spiegel" magazine. 

A view over Accra, Ghana at sunset.

An article on digitalization in Ghana for the German "Plan W" Magazine.

Driving on speedboat towards a island near the coast of Conakry.

An online publication for the German bank "KFW" in Guinea. 

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